Friday, 30 December 2011

Don’t Worry About Your First Job - Recent Graduates

Recent graduates, take note:
Few people start their work life in the right place. So don’t stress about your first job out of college. Chances are it’s not going to predict your future field, income, or career path. Instead of looking for the perfect job, look for these three things:
  • Opportunities to learn. Whatever job you take, you should acquire new skills and experience.    
  • Enough money. You don’t have to be a banker. Waiting tables is perfectly respectable if it affords you the time and flexibility to do what you care about.
  • Chances to contribute. Everyone wants to feel a sense of purpose. Find a position that allows you to be a force for good. If you can’t find a job that fits the bill, volunteer on the side.
Adapted from "Your First Job Doesn't (Really) Matter" by Jodi Glickman.

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