Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Personal Value Proposition (PVP) and your Career

Your personal value proposition (PVP) should be a statement of the tangible results a company will get from hiring you, the unique benefits you will bring to an employer that others won’t.
 It's the foundation of your career strategy. 

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to define your value proposition.

1)    What are the most important roles you have filled for current and previous employers?
Start with the basics. List the job titles you have held and the duties that came with them.
2)    What significant accomplishments did you achieve in these roles, or what did you do better than people in similar roles did?
When you look beyond the titles and duties, you begin to realize your value proposition.
3)    What special projects were you assigned?
Did your supervisors entrust you with key projects that contributed to the company’s growth? Did you complete them on time and within budget? Did you manage the project efficiently? Did you supervise other project team members?
4)    How did working with others affect your work assignments?
How you answer this question is critical because it can tell an employer if you have valuable “soft skills,” which can indicate how well you might fit in with the rest of the organization.
5)    What kind of recognition did you receive for your efforts?
Were your employers so pleased with your work that they gave you more challenging assignments? Did you receive any formal recognition for a job well done?

In Short Take these five steps:
  1. List your strengths.
  2. Ask others for input.
  3. Revisit past feedback. Reread your old performance appraisals
  4. "Hire" yourself.
  5. Revisit your strength list.
Some possible Value Propositions
  • Skilled at leveraging staff to reduce costs and increase profit margins
  • Enable staff to excel by eliminating roadblocks to success through coaching
  • Builds trust with clients as a result of strong sense of honor and loyalty
  • An experienced R & D manager with a strong track record of meeting deadlines on high-impact projects that have generated huge business of Rs.50 Cr  over five years,.
  • An top sales person earning three corporate awards and widespread company recognition.
  • A strong leader who has brought together colleagues of various professional disciplines to work as a team to achieve corporate goals.
  • Favorably positioned negotiations to win a competitive contract against three major competitors that resulted in a $1 million sales transaction.
A successful career strategy stands on the shoulders of a strong PVP.

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