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Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has launched 3rd BAL Gurukul in Hyderabad on 26th March 2012 at Dwaraka High School,Gandhinagar ,Secunderabad.  

This is the 74th Bal Gurukul started in India by IDF , 5th in AP and 3rd in Hyderabad.
Education is of prime importance. IDF in its diversified objectives has included education programmes into its fold. There are many first time school-goers in a family. In such cases, the children attend schools but do not get proper educational guidance from home. Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has found a method to remove this barrier by opening up `Education Programmes’ – `Bal Gurukuls’ in India. These Bal Gurukuls not only provides quality education to the underprivileged children but also facilitates in raising the literacy level of the district. IDF also believes in providing `right education’ to those who need the most. To know more about IDF Pl click on


Dwaraka high school was established in 1979 as a primary and middle school by the Gandhinagar Association (an association of the residents of Gandhinagar colony). Dwaraka High school is run by the Gandhinagar Association – The building is given free by the association to run the school.

 IDF is happy to announce the starting of "Dwaraka Bal Gurukul" on 26th March 2012 .
Around this residential colony there are four big slums which house nearly  2000 families. Children from these slums study in this school. The school has classes from Nursery to X class – Co-Education. Earlier the strength was good but due to various factors the strength started dwindling and now they have around 225 students in the school. This school does not have any government funds or aid. State bank of Hyderabad, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad donates the entire books for the year to all the students. The same bank donated 12 computers to this school.
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The children attend schools but do not get proper educational guidance from home as there are many first time school-goers in a family and drop outs are more as parents do not see any visible change. 
The staff and students feel that if some additional coaching is given by conducting extra classes after school hours they would perform well. But again students cannot afford to pay for the tution fees. In this Bal gurkul students of 5th and 6th class are selected and empowerment classes with an external teacher is conducted (No fees charged) after school hours to ensure the overall performance of the students improves soon.
We are sure that with this support these children will improve their performance in school which in turn will convince their parents to let them continue their education.

IDF Social Ambassador Mr.Sanjay Ram, School committee members Mr.Ramakrishna(Correspondent), Mrs.Swaroopa(Principal) , Mr.Ramesh Mallam(President Gandhinagar Association),Mr.Srinivas, Mr.Buchi Das (Core Committee Members), Mr.P V Rao (V R Research Executive Search),  the Staff and the students were present for the event.  
The School Committee were very happy that we have selected their school for the Bal Gurukul and their children would get the benefit. 
V R Research Executive Search Pvt Ltd is happy to be associated with IDF in the noble cause of educating the underprivileged children , Spreading health awareness & protecting environment by contributing our small bit in identifying the needy schools and starting these Bal Gurukuls in Andhra Pradesh


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