Tuesday, 28 August 2012

1981 and 1983 Alumni Sponsors 4 children - St.Johns Church High School

Mr.G.Sailesh , Mr.S R K Raju 1981 outgoing batch and Mr.Vanaparthi Suresh 1983 outgoing batch, St.Johns Church High School, have come forward to take care of the fees of four needy Children Studying in our school.
 Mr.Sailesh has taken care of the fees of Master Anish studying in Class 3rd. Mr.Sailesh, despite his busy schedule has taken time to come and personally visit our school and meet the students.

Mr.S R K Raju has contributed for three children : Master Dinesh – UKG and Master Yousuf – 1st Class and part fees of Master Yasir.

Mr.Vanaparthi Suresh 1983 out going batch has come forward to take care of the fees of Master Venkatachalam. Mr.Suresh stays in Bangalore and frequently visits hyderbad and incidentally on 17th August was his fathers birthday and in his memory he visited our school and paid the fees personally. Unforunately I could not meet him but later spoke to him.

Mrs.Mallama mother of Mrs.Prameela has come forward to take care of the balance fees of Master Yasir- 2nd Class. Both these ladies are not connected to our school but have come forward to help these children. My Sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs.Sailaja for taking this initiative and bringing these two ladies.
(Photograph of Ms.Usha Sagar, Principal, Mr.Sailesh, Mrs.Mallama, Mrs.Prameela and recipient students enclosed )
The fees paid by Mr.Sailesh , Mr.Raju, Mr.Suresh and Mrs. Mallamma will take care of the fees from Aug 2012 to May 2013.

The principal, Staff and the students were very happy and have expressed their gratitude to Mr.Sailesh , Mr.Raju, Mr.Suresh and Mrs.Mallamma. Unfortunately Mr.Raju was not present for the occasion and his mother also could not come due to personal reasons.

I would like to thank Mr.P V Rao ( Gunju) for his initiative and coordination in connecting Mr.Sailesh and Mr.Raju.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr.Sailesh , Mr.Raju, Mr.Suresh and Mrs.Mallama for coming forward and supporting in the noble cause of facilitating the education of needy children.

I am sure this goodness spreads and help some more children who are in need.

Sanjay Ram

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