Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Amazing !! Goodness Unlimited !!

Amazing ! People who are not connected to St.Johns Church High School have 
 come forward to help the  children who need financial assistance in our school.

Goodness unlimited!!

 Mrs.Sailaja has come forward to sponsor the fees of one child Master Abdullah , studying in Class 8th. Bright student , Always in top 5 ranks and likes Cricket. Abdullah’s father is dead and mother is on sick bed.She has come personally, met the child, talked to him and handed over the money. 
      Mrs.Sailaja is wife of Mr.Surendranath Reddy. Mr.Suredranath is a lecturer in Ramiah Institute in Hyderabad. Ramiah is famous for IIT Coaching .
Mrs.Usha , Principal , Master Abdullah and Mrs.Sailaja          
            Mrs.Manjulata has sponsored the fees of Ms.Esha Kujur studying in Class 4th A. Mrs.Sujatha has bought the fees on behalf of Mrs.Manjulata and paid the fees. Esha Kujur’s father is dead and mother is working as a sales woman in a mall.
      Mrs.Manjulata is wife of Dr.Mahendrath Reddy a Leading Pediatrician in Hyderabad.
Mrs.Usha , Principal, Ms.Esha Kujar ,  and Mrs.Sailaja
The fees paid by them will take care of  fees from Aug 2012 to May 2013.

My heartfelt thanks appreciation to Mr and Mrs.Surendranath Reddy and Mr and Mrs.Mahendrnath Reddy  for coming forward and supporting for this noble cause.

My special thanks to Mrs.Shailaja for the initiative.

Sanjay Ram

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