Thursday, 9 August 2012

1983 Alumni Sponsors One More Child -Goodness Unlimited !!!

Mr.Ramsubban 1983 outgoing batch, St.Johns Church High School, residing in UK has sent a cheque towards the fees of a needy Child Studying in our school.

Mr. Ramsubban’s father Mr. Sankaran personally handed over the CHQ to Ms.Usha Sagar, Principal.

The details of the recipient student:
Ms.Manasa studying in Class 6th Class.
Her Father expired; Mother is working as a Cook.
The fees paid by Mr.Ramsubban will take care of her fees from Aug 2012 to May 2013.
The Child had tears and she cried when she heard that her fee is taken care. It was a very touching moment.

The principal, Staff and Ms.Manasa were very happy and have expressed their gratitude to Mr.Ramsubban and Mr.Sankaran
(Photograph of Ms.Usha Sagar, Principal and Ms.Manasa and Mr.Sankaran enclosed)

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr.Ramsubban for coming forward and supporting in the noble cause of facilitating the education of the needy children.

I am sure this goodness spreads and help some more children who are in need.

Sanjay Ram

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