Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Recent Visit to our St.Johns Church High School

Dear Friends,
I had the opportunity of visiting our School recently to conduct a health awareness programme on TB and Leprosy on behalf of Indian Development Foundation (IDF).
I am the social ambassador for IDF in AP.

I met the principal Ms.Usha Sagar, the teachers, staff and some students.
Heard Mr.Yesupadam is not keeping good health. I am also told that his daughter is working in our school as a teacher.
I went around the campus and took some photographs.

TT Tables 

Friends, The current strength of the school is approx 450 students (including primary and high school). Maybe due to the competition from the new concept schools and corporate schools this low strength is possible.
But apart from the local competition Ms.Usha expressed that the school needs books for library, sports equipments, and some good computers.
Our school is helping around 20 kids who are from underprivileged families – These kids are not able to pay the fees, buy books etc. The Church is giving a concession in fees and for this year they have bought the books. Now the management is looking for some good Samaritans who can fund these children’s fees for the rest of the year (Aug 2012 – May 2013).
Ms.Usha also expressed that some Alumni groups have organized some get together in our Parish hall in the past (do u all remember the hall?). They also promised to do something for the school but ……..

The Class rooms ,ground , parish hall , the tree in the ground ( now it is 55 years old) , the cement blocks wherein we used to have our quick lunch and then play TT on them, the water tank … Our childhood memories… WOW.
As Alumnus can we all come together and help our School?
1. If we can raise Fund for the education of these underprivileged children. Cost of each child fees for the period is approx Rs.8000 – 8800/ depending on class.
2. Our school was famous for Cricket and we have some good cricketers from our school - can we donate some sports equipment?
3. Donate books to library.
4. Alumni who are successful in their respective fields can come down and address the children – this can be a big confidence boost to the children.

Nine tenths of education is encouragement. Any amount of service makes an impact in ways that we can’t even imagine.
"The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power."
We often think of doing good!
Why postpone goodness in life?

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